Latin Marksman 2: R​.​O​.​A​.​M

by Nino Bless

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released September 3, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: No Love
It’s easy to watch shit that’s passive, the obsession is drastic
You more focused with some actors’ life, while yours slowly passes, by
By, that’s why I move at my own pace, and I'm so straight
Headed the wrong way, but I don't trace
Ho wait, no team, I carry my own weight
I hold face, steady flow, fuck if they going hate
When I’m on, what they going say?
No space, went from no name, to a story, that you could unload on Broadway
Sister raped, nephew's my brother now, dad’s responsible
Staring at my pops at the hospital, when I promised to
Step it up, and raise’em like a man, and be a father too
Seen no hope in the doctor’s eyes, he's like "there's nothing I can do"
Could've been a part of the hottest group, that’s an honor too
Shit, here’s the truth, two wanted me in, not the other two
Crooked told me, “Nino if you ain't in, then I’m out the group”
I told him, “No homie, you do ya thing, that is not the move,”
How am I bitter, if I moved aside, with a guided view?
I took this lane, you might not get it, that’s just what riders do
Bitch, I'm glad that you ain't me, cuz I would cry for you
Since you apply how you would feel to me, now look what I could do
Guess I'm more man than you, if you couldn't stand the hand they handed you
We're just different mammals, I handle my handle dude
They tend to spit with no filter but my defense is quick
When I try to speak on my behalf it’s "Why so sensitive?"
Don't mind the skeptics, but I don't comply to censorship
It’s eye for an eye, you poke at mines, I'm at ya retina bitch
Love me or hate me, fuck it I don't care
If you don't like what you seeing, then don't stare

And that time's come
I opened myself to the world, I heard the screams, shouts, love, fake cheers, and
The doubts
If I get, no love, no love
So be it, I ain't grieving, I’m still blessed
Used to try decipher the which from the which
But you'll see nothing exist, if you sit where I sit
Guess I get no love, no love
Fuck it I'm still blessed

In this life, no thriller ends, the devil sends, that heroin
The seven sins, is prevalent, here the hero never wins
Then again, all this pessimism that’s withering
Within, leaves me undriven, I think I need some Ritalin
I know what it’s like in that dark room that you sitting in
Ya chips are thin, you getting slim, tryna change what you picturing
Gas bill fucked, and ya praying, wishing the winter end
Asking soon, moms like no, you cry “When will it then?”
These oil corps, are indilligent, drop waste and drill in Latin countries
They killing the poor it’s sickening
I’m getting off topic; it’s worth it, so just keep listening
Cause at the minimum, at least you got a hidden gem
The past haunts, it hurts now like I was feeling then
But only when I think of mistakes, the plot is thickening
I ain't think twice when I made all off my decision then
Some folks I kept close, these days ain't even distant friends
Weathering the storm, and these women ain't how you picture’em
I’m hip to’em, they like to play so innocent
Meanwhile they more evil than, George Zimmerman, taking flicks of him, eating
Skittles then, sending’em to Tray's family posed in a villain grin
Ever loved a girl even after that bitter end
But couldn't rebuild that feeling the wounds was just too indolent
My peeps tell me, don't worry it'll get better, man
But fuck that element, I’m tryna be a better, man
So now I do for me, this ain't for show, (how it’s supposed to be)
On these road to riches, hope my flow can chauffeur me
And everything that was close, will seem afar in sight
Nope, rewind that back, I said will seem of foreign sight
I'm moving on ain't no looking back what I lose is gone
Take my baggage unload a brag bit into a stupid song
I right my wrongs killed that life of a don
I'm back in that dark room I mentioned earlier, but now that light is on

Track Name: Nino Bless / Ness Lee - They Calling (ft. Ness Lee)
[VERSE 1: Nino Bless]
Bright Lights, mind’s right, was on borrowed time now I’m owning it (oh)
Seizing that moment, the stage is mine I won't fold a bit
Was sitting calm, then they cranked my motor, shit
Move over quick, put the onus on my shoulders, and i'll carry us, to where we
Gotta (go)
(Roll) like, I’m the last hope, feel like Eli with that Book in his hand
And I’m that close, means more a than boast or a rap quote
Fast-forward, now they calling, where I'm going
No one's gone, this far, but all I know's where I belong, the evil staying, Babylon
YOU sprinting in a marathon, I’m pacing, you ain't lasting long
Mic-Check, pass it on, it’s life and (death) - that'll cover what I invest, like
Who can identify with these bags under my eyes, STRESS
And no matter the obstacle, i'll never oblige i’ll suffer at my expense
Paying my debt, I outta recoup, so here it goes the moment of truth
YOU, see me and think I'm going en route, not knowing the pain I'm holdings
Against the grain, I’m full in pursuit, can't hate my game, you gotta salute
Now ya could refuse, but I'm double O seven chased, now they following suit

[VERSE 2: Ness Lee]
I float through the crowd, sober, crown over my brow, lowered down, its finna be
Instant ham
If you don’t know my style then its going down... Instagram
I’m focused now with a fully extended attention span
And now its finna be open house so when the shit hits the fan then it hits the
I been on the bubble just had to get rid of a glitch in the puzzle
Ain’t gone let no idiot get me in trouble, so now when I flip it I get it in doubles
And everyone with me is willing to struggle, they'd rather be in it and digging with
We went independent to get it, we did it and dented it, dig it just switch up your
The modem might slow the motor aight long as my motive's right
I know this dime named “Success” I bone her but never stay over night
I rolled the dice me and Nino aligned, be flowing alike
We making a toast to life, we're here, poltergeist, in front of you, overbite
Shouts to Twenty-Four, he said you cannot be afraid to sing
And I’d be still doing that if I never even made a thing
Not easily faded, like pre bleached jeans, and my seating arrangement is peachy
And not being debated its been this way Weezy made it bling
Track Name: Going Snooki
N to the I, N-O, my flow pyro
My rivals, I’m a make you eat ya words to ya choke, and die slow
I GO, hard like I’m training for the title, PSYCHO on the mic but a fucking
I am solar powered, you could ONLY stay on for so long a light bulb
Got a slight glow, I see it, clear as ya tight clothes
Word of advice though, don't let the hype Go, to you know where, cause you can
Loose that fast, lypo
I roll with a biscuit that rifle, here's the difference between YOU and I ho
You bring a blade to gun fight, I showcase my gun at a knife show
Leaving haters stifled, I’m a lighter sprayed with lysol
Wanna battle raise the price, start saving now and switch to Geico
Hot damn, I’m such a phenomenon, a poster child like dunking it on LeBron
Shit gets tragic, sick as magic, even though I always fuck with a condom on
Who's sane when I’m losing mind, Hussein with a lose aim, dropping a bomb
Boom bang and it’s not for Islam, singing along, thru the fire, like Chaka Khan
I'm not like a pawn, reach for what’s mine, I chop off ya arm
Hassan chop you, then stomp on ya mind, oh what you thinking, ah never mind
Problem is fine
You stopping my shine, stop with you lying, ya shots never flying
You got a lil iron, but this is the noise that it made when you popped it, a lot like a
Game time, got my grind on, I shit on everything I rhyme on
You a top 5 rapper, right next to Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan
Wrote that before Ness vs Iron, I'm a Lexus stretched you a scion
Bless is a breath of some fresh air, haters shed tears chant but you singing to
Deaf ears
N to I, NO, my flow, s, pyro
My rivals, I’m make eat ya words to choke and die slow
I go, off with, Michael’s prowess
Anyone Jordan, Jackson, fuck that machete and I’m slashing
Everyday to me is Halloween so I’m playing Michael Meyers, (boo)
Dude we ain't cool, homie I will chew ya food you could try but I won't lose, I
Follow my own rules (whoo), HATER
I'm getting better by the moment, they noticed, so I'm hot
Ain't nobody flowing this cold, so hold my spot
Performing in a zone, while my foes just hope I flop, hi, you haters
Never I'm alone, I roam with my loaded Glock
Every girl I bone, can't ever let go of the cock
I am like the chosen, the golden, hope now watch
Now Nino's gone be the greatest
Track Name: Alien Jesus
[Verse 1]
Wanna hear some sick shit? I've never told a lie
I am so rich, bitch, I don't know what to buy
Riding in my Porsche, and you know that seats reclined
Hear me spit, it's clear that my skills have declined
I don't know the grind, all my features have been paid for
G Rap - 5 G's, & Joe Budden - 8 more
Caked off all those rhymes I wrote for Jay-Z
They think Blue Ivy's my seed, shit, it maybe
I never sold drugs (No!), never hustled nothing
Elton John is straight as a line, Doesn't fuck men
Global Warming don't exist, The planet isn't suffering
Baby-Mama drama is a myth, and Obama is a Muslim
There's no company ex-felons can't work at
That bullet in his chest, Trayvon Martin deserved that
Rock a hoodie? You're a threat by default
So if you get shot with your hoodie on, it's already your fault

[Hook - Repeat 4x]
You see'em, You hear'em, You read'em, You believe'em
You see'em, You hear'em, You read'em, You believe'em, Repeat'em
(Do you believe me now?)

[Verse 2]
I love stress and when I worry bout these bills
Still depressed Slaughterhouse got that album deal
Still bitter- Yes! Some fans could sense how I feel
Nicki Minaj's butt is 100 percent real
Chino XL needs to hit the gym, dude is out of shape
Skip Bayless never defends Tebow when he has debates
No one's ever given part of their salary to Salli Mae
No man has ever pictured Amber Rose while tryna masturbate
Ever, Kim Kardashian's famous cause she's clever
Racism's dead, We're one together
I've never heard a white girl ever say, "Whatever"
Rappers who are broke never say they're making cheddar
Kreayshawn is the greatest ever, can't name one iller MC
The best beach weather's in December
The 90's- The worst era, the world's better
Hollywood has no place for a girl that's slender

[Hook - Repeat 4x]
You see'em, You hear'em, You read'em, You believe'em
You see'em, You hear'em, You read'em, You believe'em, Repeat'em
(Do you believe me now?)

[Bridge - Repeat 8x]
I-I can tell you only Lies, Lies

[Hook - Repeat until end]
You see'em, You hear'em, You read'em, You believe'em
You see'em, You hear'em, You read'em, You believe'em, Repeat'em
(Do you believe me now?)
Track Name: Sad Song
I got a sad song, but somebody else got it worse
I got this pain, but to someone else this might not hurt
If only things went right for me, I would smile more
When it rains it pours, but on me, it comes down more
I've gained weight, I’m trying lose it, this ain't fun to see
It’s my girl’s fault always eating these sweets in front of me
We go to restaurants I always wanna order salad
A rack of ribs won't kill me, or do anymore damage
I'll start my diet tomorrow I swear or the next day
I blame my lapses on everyone else, that’s the best way
Why should I stand and ride, life ain't a Segway
Lay down and cry, I rather be depressed, I'm dead weight, (try)
No I, truthfully just rather lie here
And the truth to me's a mask disguised by my lies here
I can't even face my mirror, with a slight stare
Cause anything past a glimpse, I just might tear

Tomorrow's today, This is Groundhog Day
Shut my alarm; see the crack of dawn to my dismay. damn
I hate this job, but got bills to pay
I got the saddest song ever, why do I feel this way
Look maybe it’s my mother’s fault cuz she ain't ever love me right
My mother never loved me, at least yours loved you right?
My mother died when I was 16 I got it worse
Man I wish I had a mom at all, mine’s died giving birth
All week I been eating out from that dollar menu

I been living off Ramen noodles, 5 for a dollar special
Look be glad y'all food's clean, I gotta dig through garbage
Man I would kill for anything to eat, I'm really starving
But regardless of ya situation mine’s is worse
I bet you couldn't walk through half the roads that I’ve traversed
If you’re dehydrating, I just died of thirst
Everyday I'm contemplating suicide from 9 to 5 at work
"Why me?" is what I embellish the truth as
I always think about what I don't got, instead of cherishing what I do have
Life's, no fair, to this control freak
Attached to my joystick is nothing, so you can't even con-sole me

So just feel bad for me, what a tragedy
Sing my sad song, na na na
Sing my sad song, na na na
It goes on and on and on sing, na na na na
Track Name: Nameless (5:00AM)
Another day, another dollar, Where’s my change?
Another promise from Obama, where's my change?
So don’t be shocked when folks try and numb the hurt and pain
Insert their veins, help in-vain and turn to Kurt Cobain
Funny, it works the same from the ghetto to the burbs
White, spic, black, and yellow high off syrup or that herb
They trying to get they fucked up minds off the debt they in
One day they obsessed with men, the next day they straight lesbian
Ma, I feel your stress, I know it left your mental ill
It’s funny how that doctor quickly recommended pills
What I said is real
Question: How can Bless appeal
To a broader audience who don’t care for the better skills?
But maybe one day the scale’ll tilt my way
Too many cheat to win like Belichick with Spygate
I spit the tears from the ghetto of every dry face
Welcome to the capitol of the suffering’s mind state
Plot on my plate? No, I stood in line, ace
Patience pays off, but it ain’t compensate for my wait
See in a year what I build, now you getting ill
Come on, now tell me how it feels
Got a ride-or-die by my side with rebellious zeal
Others had to wine and dine her, she be prepping me meals
She kept begging for shoes, I said no bread, so just chill
She still brained me up, dog — she’s head over heels
Know what it’s like to work the streets for like a couple of weeks
Trying to build up them custy’s to smuggle weed cause you’re up shit’s creek
Hungry with no grub to eat
Wishing it ends suddenly
Holding hands on a date while misery’s your company
They try to keep us in check
Keeping our checks, tax us and bail — these leeches leaves us depressed
This is as steep as it gets, my peoples deep in some debt
They all pray for the green now, like Tebow does for the Jets

You see, I’m wide awaken and to train me, you need a lion tamer
The one-man Wu-Tang, triumph designed for the rhyming tracers
My lines are made up of Einstein data, visions of Mayan painters
The Contra flame gun, and facts science favors
Sell my soul and mind to majors?
Now, that’ll be the day Tyler the Creator
Says that God’s his guider and his savior
I am waving hi to haters
While these lights around me like I'm riding 'round in Vegas
Eye it from the highest to the nader like..

I see it all
It’s 5:30 in the morning
Zone out
Fuck Geraldo
Fuck Geraldo
Rock them hoodies
It’s 5:30 in the morning, why the fuck am I up?
Track Name: Nino Bless / Joell Ortiz / Scram Jones / Grafh - Black Suits Fill The Room (ft. Joell Ortiz, Scram Jones, & Grafh)
[VERSE 1: Joell Ortiz]

[VERSE 2: Scram Jones]

[VERSE 3: Nino Bless]
Baby there's a shark in the water
Named BLESS, upstaging the top performers
Was there from the start of the slaughter
When I go off like a shot from a sawed off, this was the cocked warning, sort off*
Eh eh eh, hands off this shit
I'll off you, QUICK as the black dude in a horror flick
This, artist spits SARS every song I rip
Got fans coming out the blue like some former Crips
I'm from the corner strip, that’s lawless
You be an informant, eating lunch with officers feeding the sergeant tips
HEART, of a martyr, shit these bars I spit
Are like folks related fucking, they just come out retarded kid*
I'm guarded with an arm looking like cable in the X Force
You less than a pawn, you a checkers piece on my chessboard
N.I.N.O, real heads know
I go, harder than acid trippers bopping to techno (whoa)

[VERSE 4: Grafh]
Track Name: Get Ready
Who the FUCK am I? N-I-N-O
I will never ever fall, real niggas know my M.O
Heads up, look out, the kid is back, Uh-Oh
Somebody done did it , admit it, I am pissing off my critics, listen
The kid’s a cynic, with lyrics, most consider quick witted
I don’t SCRATCH a bitch’s back, while others is itching to get it
So WHO AM I? You fuckers know that NINO’s sick
I am to the underground what Drake is to an emo chick
“Don’t do it, PLEASE don’t do it”
Whatever’s in MY WAY I’ll blow a hole RIGHT through it [BLAOW!]
Move out MY WAY, Come on, get some pep on ya step
An internet message could get ya whole crib Virgina Tech’d in a SEC
Cyber threat me? I’ll see you wit a gat that’s chrome
Act like I’ma clap ya dome & film it with my camera, holmes
But I don’t dry snitch on myself, so BITCH this ain’t going on NO website, like Chris Brown snatching phones
I’m Sugar Ray with hands of stone
NINO is NOT the ONE to FUCK WITH, leave that man alone
If not, this CANNON’s blown like when Mariah’s man’s at home
Now that’s a dome shot, on top
Shit, some say I deliver the flow, illler than Hov, where’s Hov’s GWOP?
When son drop, no filler, shit every song’s HOT!
I get to the fucking point, like skipping through a PORN’s plot (yeah)
I’m always on beat like an armed cop
The ONE-MAN ARMY, like I’m camping and tubing, NON-STOP
That’s for my gamers, know, My Aim, defines RANGE
Try, YOU DIE, It’s Michael Meyers, running around with lightweight
I played, it MY WAY, so Why Hate?
I just drop that shit for the streets, no Bridesmaids
The Tri-State, knows I’m GREAT when I TAKE
BEATS, and APPLY RAPE, it HITS ya CHEST like a WILD ape
FUCK H.A.M I go Tarzan it’s Arkham
City in the heartland of the hood where we starving
You know that marksman reps
Ya buzz? I don’t care for that Holmes like Mark Sanchez, look
The BOSS SOLDIER is back, my break is all over
Sorry that I disappeared like Lebron in the 4TH QUARTER
I came, I saw, and conquered, never sold out a concert
Flowing bonkers got me features and promo with no dough or sponsors
I HATE TO SHOOT, LOOK what you made me do
Silencer with the potato, don’t worry for ya wake I’ll get a tailored suit
Witness the onslaught, you could say it’s fluke
I’m like a tar-heel that’s amped for my rival but I ain’t playing DUKE
I got this OnSmash, Spit shit these BLOGS like
FLOW is 2DopeBoyZ, should I switch it Nah, Right?
MrExclusives here, I got that shit I’m making records
That’ll take a second to get, but LITERALLY it’ll Shake the Meka
I’m playing reckless, run into a DJBooth
Like “PLAY that HotNewHipHop, NINO is The Savior & The Truth
It’s game-time Okayplayer, I’m lighting ETHER near The Smoking Section
Track Name: Nino Bless / Soul Khan / Cambatta - Bonfire (ft. Soul Khan & Cambatta)
[VERSE 1: Nino Bless]
The MC's MC, with nothing yet envied
How so, the competition makes’em resent me
Why me, N.B. I'm barely worth 10Gz
Sold myself short, but none of them ever pimped me
To keep that respect, seems like the price is hefty
Through the pen, repenting my sins, life has kept me
Compressed and neglected cause mother nature’s a dead beat
No more wet be, hind my ears, racing death's speed
Catch me, bit the hand that fed me time to excrete
My rep speaks, for itself, there's nothing left to secrete
Smelled the coffee no more poison, eating what’s deadly
Now I'm getting healthy, and cleansing, deading that red meat
Yeah, this temple’s clean, heaven sent, lets meet
Walked through hell, Jacob Boeme, Google that net geeks
Wish me well, or wish fail, either or
Life's a high price whore that I can't seem to afford
There's no reason to repeat what I seek and I'm reaching for
Other than to cheat and intervene all these evil thoughts
Though I made it out the ghetto, still I ain't boasting
That’s why they show me love when I slide bi, No Frank Ocean, Church
I don't need that Throne, to each his own
Look, I'm deep in a zone, like receivers going long
Knowledge is my armor, you can't take my honor
Killing me only makes me a martyr, Bless!

[VERSE 2: Soul Khan]
It’s ironic getting a piece of the pie that I wanted
Same ambition that typically gets a fly swatted
Bionic man sound effects whenever I’m walking
Out the corner of my mouth just because my life’s awesome
Before I lie in my coffin
I want kids, grandkids, and the chance to throw the nice on’em
Stop calling these records, you only iPod’em
Y’all don’t work to nurture the trees, you only climb on’em
I’m like Ben Franklin’s key with the kite on it
Waiting for the moment that the bolt is gonna strike on it
Everything is only out of style soon as I got it
Pride hurt, I turn around and say my wife bought it
Sorry my fiancée
Pardon me I’m awfully
Eager just to see her, see I’m having such an off day
They let us scrape by while the cake high at Barclay’s
Fuck it, time to separate the real from the cosplay
We’re products of the blocks that we were chipped off from
But we’re more than just a lead-up to a rim shot drum
In my day the shit talk would get y’all jumped
‘Cause I spit about life, I don’t spit on one
I ain’t got faith but that ain’t my place
To tell you what to be believe so get out of my face
With your book of wives tales
Cause I fail to see how they’re any better than the heaven I make

[OUTRO: Cambatta]
I'm lost in a mental labyrinth
I’m a person with a purpose that Accidentally happened
Hovering through life like Spike Lee camera angles
Society has noosed my neck it appears I'm strangled
Death so close I can
Hear the angels singing pledge allegiance to the flag of a devil in a halo
Gave us paper for our gold
Ankle bracelets on our souls
That tainted Mother Nature and they raped her in her holes
Invisible jail cells
Digital augmented realities
Social security numbers are human barcodes there's an oil spill on aisle 666
This is a game of monopoly
They play with economies
Psychological ball and chains
A 9 to 5 is a third my life
After all the shitting, fucking, and sleeping all I have time to do is cry
If we all know were gonna die why are we so content with not living
Track Name: War Machine
Me with the track's like a deaded marriage
Fighting hard over their assets, The way I'm going at it
This is the moment I swing for the fence
For folks who think I'm only average


The dopest with multi syllabics, appropriate status
Went from crack to coke, to raw as opium tablets, that
Soak in lava flow, and so cinematic
I write where Anakin , and Obi-Wan Kenobi went at it

You know me? So don't approach me with static
I let it fly like showing Kobe the basket, You could quote me on that shit
Bastard, all this hocus pocus, gold litte karats
Don't hold no matter, cause here, its so unemphatic

Front on tracks like you pimp, you a hopeless romantic
Tyson Beckford ass ho, You pose like a faggot

So... Don't be dramatic, like acting like you choking on salad
Hope or panic, won't haul this chosen hispanic

I'll open ya cabbage, You know I'm a savage
Like African child soldiers toting Soviet ratchets

The soul of a maverick, stay in the gutter like bad bowlers
School of hard-knocks, My diploma's a Masters
Cause I go in deeper than chicks trafficking
Coke wit petrolium packaged near they felopian passage

I'll Math to Dose on the masses
This Latin, assassin is known to just spaz quick
I'll nap him, & know that I'm that sick
To grab his chick's ass, and mack it
While his Ghost stares at his folks near his casket
Match this, please like I'm a damn stiff
I'm, more like turrets, fuck shit, with a bad twitch
Thinking I won't write death, like I ain't bodied that shit
That's dyslexic, right to left, you got it backwards, check

Who's next up? Let's step up
Don't get it twisted
Most of these cats are broke while my bread's up
Judging a rapper's success is more, deceptive
Than bitches uploaded pictures to the internet, from they neck up

Put ya left nut on the line, you ain't lying
You an iPad ad, for 9 bucks, no one's buying
Wanna bet? Pay ya debt, or you'll see some bold gangsters
Who'll take some of ya check, like CEO bankers

Look, Ho I'm my own anchor
Motivated by the doubt
So thank ya, you clone thinkers

I'm the lone ranger, on my own, in tune with the moment
The proof and the Omen, was chewing up dudes I did songs with

Go'head and hope and assume, I'm losing it soon
You snoozing while I make the elephant move from the room
I been ill since Puma's and Kabooms on my spoon
Since, Teddy Riley just wanted to zoom and a poom - poom

Since "Night night," Granny singing the Blue Moon
Since Hot Wheels, yelling out vroom vroom
I got chills, heard moms bump Melle Mel from the womb
Man, I be going hardbody like Victor von Doom

So these kids is on shrooms
If they think I ain't the one to go off
I'm so boss, when I'm bored, I go golf
What I'm spittin is past flames
I'm mainstream radio how I'm killing this rap game, fucker
Track Name: Find A Balance Freestyle
They love to taste the blood, and I know what that means
But to you that don't mean shit
Maybe I ain't as hungry as it seems
Thinking like maybe I could live it if I dream it
Yo Nino finally made a good record
Yeah right, that shit don't even sound convincing
The last time I felt as sick, contradictive and weak
Was the last time I wrote a rhyme to a beat
Get real they tell me
If only they knew that I'm as real as it gets
So you could stop acting like a silly bitch
And either admire what I do or not, it doesn't matter whether
I’m hated or I’m rated next, listen when I say this
I’m a major threat, its funny those that's getting more is saying less
But hold up wait a sec that shit’s about to change
I used to Aced the test and wished somebody gave a F
I used to pray to death, my buzz was the hottest
Used to rap for just dollars, now I do it for that plus solace
Now, you don't have to acknowledge, my music's for passive guidance
It’s no fad, if I say "gat" you assume I’m FOR acting violent
Don’t, no, don't jump the gun, or rather jump when I say gun
I been poisoned by these traps laid in the slums
I been snaked, many occasions, tuned to Satan’s subtle hum
Belly aching while I’m shaking steady scraping for some crumbs
So, who am I? Ummm…
Just a nobody, tryna find myself, while my minds still confined some
Stuck in a place where I'm maligned by these critic pricks
That make it they business tryna define what my image is
Tryna see me impuissant
So why entertain’em? It fucking kills them that I’m in a state of impudence
So listen quick, I’m conquering my weaknesses
And like snitches watching lebron, you are all witnesses
I admit it, I couldn't confront the wickedness
Steered fate, tried it all, figured out some differences
Used to hear Drake, and part of me, with hate, some part appalled
But he was more connected with his artistry, and I was lost
See I’m admitting, my highest flaw
No matter who reaches the highest floor, if they true to themselves, now I
Used to be where you at now dog, then I evolved
You ain't happy where you are in life, start grinding more
I know all the excuses, being dope is useless
The rap game's whack, money promotes music
The young kids is twisted, my shit they don't catch it
I don't fuck with hipsters, or make songs for bitches
The real, you dismiss it, you submissive to ya subconscious
I ain't with them tid bits or warped into others fuckin gossip
From the bottom, (so I) provide for these streets
Reality, I am the Chomsky of ebonical speech
It’s clarity, mixed with insanity, is that the balance?
I practice channeling both sides it’s a life long task, and that’s apparent
Whoa, surviving this famine, how nice
Uncle Sam handing me these infested with parasites salmon
I’m learning how to eat right, was alive but couldn't breathe right
See you think that it’s dark, but truth is you don't wanna see light
YOU got it wrong from jump if you asking who you should be like
Just live it, and don't repeat the cycle let it gooo now
Track Name: Get Ready Pt. 2 (Goku)
I'm the N.I.N.O, I'll double up what you would wage
My fire, fry you, I’m Ryu when a Hadouken's waved

You should move away, I’m koo koo plagued
Light a fuse near this huge grenade, I'll blow up like Bobby Knight in his Hoosier days

I'm hungry ain't eat food for days, this music's craved
Like, “Where the fuck has Nino been? Ain't seen his ass since Luda's braids”
Guess it’s been a while, I'm all about my business now
I no-speak-a-language if you ain't talking them digits pal
I translate Dollars, Euros or when Pounds sum up
My interpreter's my checking account & route number
But dead the fame, I hex'd the game, a track gets killed, it’s Bless to blame
I'm on my Texas Chain Saw shit, leaving records slain
Are you not entertained? (Crowd Roars) I address this pain (Style’s Raw)
A rebel drained, I'm an outlaw, Jesse James
Now for these haters hurt, that say, that I ain't earn my way
Alright, Alright, Alright, mothafucka you gon’ learn today
I'm simply advancing, at a vigorous pace and it’s getting me antsy
Venomous flow enhances, This here's a cake walk kid no making the band scene
I am Tesla with a pinch of Fidel mixed with some Lansky
Pierce ya gristle when I'm gripping that pistol and let it whistle like Banshee
I X Men out, been destined
To be a legend since Magneto and Professor X was best friends
I re-load, On these foes, On beast-mode
When they see that new track on a blog all my fans are yelling out Nino!
The Streets watch, and the G's clock when He-Drops
Them Heat rocks, they keep these on repeat, while they Mean-Bop
Get Extreme top, from breezy's who work that mouth like a Beat-Box
I pull high maintenance chicks with White Tee's and a G-Shock
The day you see me “Akh”
ASAP-Rocky will out-rap Slaughterhouse at a release party for the Detox
(unh) Please stop
I'm a twist of Pete Rock, G. Rap, Nas, & Brother Ali, Mixed with D-Block
Let that beat knock, I will murk it anyway I choose, while Bless done paid dues, And made moves, I still ain't perform at Paid Dues, it’s cool
Snooze? You lose, The more I gotta prove, Lets get it on
Shit, I go weapons drawn, Decepticon, Watch the metal fly like Megatron
On every shit I'm on, I bring The Storm, Skip the Calm
Come gripped with Arms, That'll Clip’em then Lift’em up like the Knicks’ Iman

It’s Rap’s Goku, When I lift my arms
Take Pac, Big, and Pun's soul and drop a Fucking Spirit Bomb!

This Spic is the Devil’s vicious spawn
Fuck ya list, I'mma crash the party like Vincent Vaughn

Who scurred of me? The list is long
I'll kill’em on Tracks like Q-Tip did to Fat Joe in “Prison Song”